For 14+ years United Brands Australia (UBA) has imported affordable luxury European cosmetic brands
and distributed them to selective pharmacies and cosmetic retailers.
UBA’s portfolio of six brands cover a diverse range of consumer needs with unique features and benefits.
Welcome to our brands!

Working closely with international trend scouts and fashion houses, ANNY creates the latest nail colour trends from USA’s hot spots:  LA, Miami and New York.

Unique fashion colours

Extra-wide professional brush

Quick drying & very high opacity

Long shelf life


  • 40+ trend colours
  • LA’s haute couture creations
  • New York’s artistic SoHo
  • Miami’s bright beach bling


  • Professional quality finish
  • Gel-look without the damage
  • Smoothing ridge filler
  • Prolongs colour longevity
  • Chip-resistant protection


  • Strengthen soft nails
  • Nourish dry, brittle & splintering nails
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Avoids nail discolouration

ARTDECO is driven by individuality, inspiration, and the art of makeup. Located in Munich, Germany & established in 1985, ARTDECO is distributed to over 70 countries with a focus on high quality, affordable products & a strong focus on sustainability.

Cruelty Free

Refillable products

Germany’s number 1 selling select brand

Clinically tested

ARTDECO in Australia

Australia relaunched as a professional salon brand in 2008

  • ARTDECO becomes a pharmacy focused brand in 2016
  • Replacing major mass brands in pharmacy
  • Non-discount positioning

Affordable luxury

ARTDECO stands for “luxury that everyone can afford”

  • Carefully selected ingredients utilising the latest cosmetic innovations
  • Luxurious textured products  
  • High-quality packaging for everyday use 


We’re committed to sustainability.

  • Refillable Beauty Box concept for Eyeshadows, Blushers & Compacts
  • 100% recyclable boxes
  • Product innovation to reduce waste

COVERDERM is a world leader in advanced, clinically tested dermoceutical makeup. Invented by a pharmacist, made in Milan, Italy & certified hypoallergenic with patented waterproof technology. COVERDERM is recommended by pharmacist worldwide for its compatibility with sensitive skin.

Patent Waterproof technology

Cruelty Free


24-hour long wear with high SPF

CD In Australia

COVERDERM in Australia

With a 40+ year history in Australia and re-launched in 2021.

  • New product lines 
  • New Australian made merchandise
  • Complements existing beauty assortments
  • High quality, affordable, long-ware, everyday concealing makeup
  • High SPF protection desired by Australian consumers
CD Vanish Makeup


Specialising in solution for everyday concerns.

  • Anti-Redness technology
  • Safe and effective broad-spectrum 
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Camouflage Makeup

Full Coverage, Covers Everything.

  • 80+ year history
  • Go-to make up for covering serious skin imperfection
  • Covers vitiligo, scaring, birthmarks, and tattoos

40 years of know-how, combined with passion and tradition are our leitmotif. DECLARÉ Switzerland has remained true to its principles. In 1978, we developed the worlds first line of cosmetics for sensitive skin. This solid foundation and our consistent, innovative product development have enabled us to continue formulating high-quality, non-irritating, affordable skincare products for sensitive skin.

Made in Switzerland

Vegan friendly

Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin

Cruelty Free

Integrity & Responsibility

The DECLARÉ brand name stems from the Latin verb “declarare” and reflects the company’s philosophy of showing responsibility towards our customers, To disclose, to declare honestly and responsibly.

  • 1st skincare brand to declare all ingredients
  • Tested on sensitive and agitated skin to ensure the best results
  • Stringent pharmaceutical guidelines

SRC™ complex

Sensitive skin is easily irritated, and its balance is often disturbed. An essential ingredient in all DECLARÉ product is the SRC™ complex (sensitivity-reducing complex).

  • Improves the skin barrier function & strengthens the natural resistance
  • Prevents cell damage
  • Protects your skin against premature aging
  • Preserves skin moisture + a slow-release moisturizing effect
  • Suppresses inflammation of the skin (rashes, itching, swelling)

Vegan Friendly

Following world’s best practices to achieve the best results, DECLARE Switzerland offer a selection of vegan products whilst achieving anti-aging results for the most sensitive skin.

  • No ingredients of animal origin
  • Precious plant extracts
  • Mallow, lemon balm, primrose, peppermint and moss
  • Improves the enzyme tyrosinase, which is partly responsible for melanin production
  • High number of antioxidants
  • Swiss spring water
  • Rich in natural minerals and trace elements

With our Parisian heritage, Institut Karité Paris honours French elegance through sophisticated and colourful packaging. We echo the delicate floral scents that are at the heart of our formulas to offer a unique sensory experience of subtle perfumes combined with the sublime feeling and texture of Shea in affordable, hand, body and face products. 

Made in Paris

Cruelty Free

Sustainability sourced

Luxurious textures

What is Shea?

The Shea tree is a large, majestic fruit tree that grows wild in the savannas of Central and West Africa.

  • The Shea tree lives for up to two centuries
  • At 50 years old, the Shea tree can produce up to 20 kg of fruits per year
  • The fruit & the almonds they contain are used in the production of Shea Butter
  • Shea Butter is a precious ingredient, 20kg of fruit will produce 1kg – 5kg of Shea butter

Benefits of Shea

Rich in vitamins A, D, E and F, Shea Butter itself has all the exceptional properties the skin needs.

  • Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant
  • Vitamin D brings a dose of sun
  • Vitamin E helps fight against ageing
  • Vitamin F restores suppleness & elasticity to the skin
  • These vitamins have protective & moisturising properties helping the muscles relax 
  • Shea is perfect for massaging, moisturising & smoothing skin, hair care, preventing stretch marks, improving the skin’s elasticity, treating nappy rash, treating sun burn, after shave, anti-dandruff, nail & cuticle treatment

Nature & Perfumes

Our products echo the delicate scents of the flowers that are at the heart of our formulas.

  • Subtle perfumes including, Rose, Verbena, Lavender & Cheery Blossom combined with the sublime feel & texture of shea to help moisten, sooth dry & damaged skin. 

JUVENA of Switzerland stands for tradition and cutting-edge technology in the development of superior anti-aging, cosmeceutical skincare. Founded in 1954, JUVENA combines 60+ years of world leading Swiss quality, innovative, ground-breaking scientific research to produce superior anti-aging skincare solutions for all age groups & skin types.

Made in Switzerland

Cruelty Free

Highest Quality Ingredients

Luxurious, Anti-Aging

JUVENA of Switzerland in Australia

2020, re-launched in Australia.

  • Traditional product lines + innovative new additions
  • Results driven, quality skincare
  • Loyal customer following
  • Global brand with flexible, affordable merchandise

SkinNova SC Technology & Stem Cell Peptide

Double revolution technology.

  • Worldwide innovation: SkinNova Technology and Stem Cell Peptide. 
  • Actively supports the skin’s own stem cell activity 
  • Providing the ideal micro-environment for all skin cells
  • Restructuring the skin profile
  • Creating fresh new skin

Anti-Aging Results

Combining the SkinNova SC technology and inspired by nature.

  • Water lily to help calm demanding skin
  • Persian silk tree extract with its natural and powerful anti-aging impact
  • Comprehensive ingredients including tripeptide, retinol and triple hyaluronic acid to boost collagen and balances the skin tone 
  • Innovative freeze-dried active pearls containing 79% pure vitamin C, reducing pigmentation spots whilst formulated for the most sensitive skin